SIM Only


1.  Your subscription to the Service constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Vodacom reserves the right to modify the Service(s) where reasonably required and may from time to time expand on these Terms and Conditions. You will be bound by all current Terms and Conditions that prevail at a specific point in time.  - 

2.  Customers on SIM only plans will receive their allocation of minutes, SMS and data monthly 

3.  Included anytime minutes may only be used for calls to SA networks anytime. 

4.  Inclusive minutes may not be used for calls to international numbers, premium rated IVR services, special short codes, calls while roaming in international destinations or any of the following: 

I.   Premium rated calls 

II.  Premium rated Dicon 

III. Video IVR 

IV.  International VAS and Premium services 

V.   Travel Talk 

VI.  Conference Calls 

VII. Call Sponsor (sponsored calls are charged at the sponsored party’s prevailing price plan rate) 

5.  Included SMS’s may only be used for SMS’s to local SA networks. 

Out of bundle rates applicable to the price plan will be applied once the customer has used the monthly allocated bundle included in the price plan.

6.  Calls are billed per second. 

7.  Unused minutes, SMS and data will not be carried over. Customers will forfeit any minutes, SMS or data not used in the month of allocation 

8.  uChoose SIM Only customers have access to certain VAS offers and services which Vodacom reserves the right to discontinue 

9.  SIM only tariffs do not include a handset 

10. SIM only price plans are only available on a new contract or upgrade to a SIM only 24 month contract deal. In life contract migrations will not be allowed to discounted SIM only price plans. 

11. Customers must ensure that the SIM is used in a suitable device to be able to consume the relevant monthly allocation.  Unused allocations will not be refunded or carried over by Vodacom. 

12. The Vodacom SIM may only be used for the purpose intended. Credits may not be exchanged for cash or used to pay for any other services or fees due to Vodacom or any of its Service Providers. 

13. The Vodacom SIM received with the SIM only price plan is not permitted to be used in Least Cost Routing or Community Phone applications. Vodacom reserves the right to terminate any SIM Only subscription should such abuse be detected and Vodacom reserves the right to charge for VOIP events on selected price plans at applicable rates. 

14. Normal upgrade and migration rules will apply If a SIM only customer migrates to a lower priced SIM only price plan, the customer will be charged downward migration fee as per Vodacom policy.  

15.SIM Only Terms and Conditions should to be read in conjunction with the Master Airtime Agreement


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