Showmax Mobile Terms and Conditions


1. Showmax is a subscription Video on Demand service that gives you access to thousands of hours of local and international television shows, movies and series available on smartphones, PCs, tablets and Smart TVs. 

2. The service is offered in partnership with Showmax. 

3. Showmax Terms of Use & Conditions apply concurrently with these terms and conditions  and are available for review at  

4. The use of the Showmax service requires a high-speed Internet connection (minimum of 2Mbps is recommended for mobile usage).

5. The Showmax service is available as a Value Added Service to all Vodacom customers. 

6. The Showmax Premium monthly subscription will be billed at R99.00 per month (VAT inclusive. Qualifying promotional customers will be billed as per section 2 below. 

7. The Showmax monthly subscription will be billed in advance, and is valid for 30 calendar days and starts from the time you add to your Vodacom bill and not when you start using the Showmax service. 

8. Once you have subscribed to the Showmax service, your monthly invoice will display your monthly subscription as “Showmax SVOD Premium”. 

9. You will only be able to deactivate the Showmax service through Vodacom.  

10. To cancel your subscription, visit and follow the deactivation prompts.  

11. Streaming or downloading of Showmax movies or series will deplete data from the internet connectivity that is being used to access the service. Data will be charged at standard data rates as per your subscriber tariff plan. Qualifying promotional customers will first deplete their FREE 5gb’s Showmax data per month for the first 3 months and thereafter deplete/use other data. 

12. Please note that when activating the Showmax Premium subscriptions, the trial period offered by Showmax to customers directly will not be applicable.

Free 3 month Showmax and Free Showmax data promotion 

1. This Promotion is only valid to Vodacom customers that newly add their Showmax subscription to their Vodacom post or prepaid bill between 1 November 2018 and 31 March 2019 (Promotional Period).

2. Promotion Customers who cancel their Showmax subscription before the free period is over will continue to have access till the end of the free period. 

3. The 5gb’s Free Showmax URL data allocation will be done for the first 3 months on the renewal of the subscription.  Each 5gb’s free Showmax data will only be valid for 30 days, until such time as South African regulation changes.

4. All other T&C’s relating to Showmax URL data bundles remain in place. 

5. Vodacom will confirm your Free Showmax data allocation via SMS. 

6. Customers who cancel their Showmax subscription before the free period is over will continue to receive their free 5gb’s of Showmax data per month for the first 3 months. 

7. Total 15gb Showmax data is only valid for use when streaming or downloading Showmax content and not valid for general usage including or as well as other video usage.  

8. Customers who activated their subscription as part of the Promotion and have not cancelled their subscription before month 4 will pay R49 per month for their Showmax subscription until they cancel and up to a maximum of 9 months.  

a. Customers who cancel within this 9 month period and subscribes again will pay R99 for their Showmax subscription per month until they cancel. 

9. Customers who remain subscribed into month 13 will pay R99 per month for their Showmax subscription up until they cancel the subscription. 


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