Vodacom Emirates Promotion

1 How do you qualify for this offer?

To qualify for this offer, you must:

         1.1 be 18 years and older

         1.2 be a permanent resident of South Africa

         1.3 be a Vodacom RED contract customer on any of the following price plans: 

                   • Red VIP
                    Red VIP+
                    Red Premium
                    Red Premium+
                    Red Classic
                    Red Classic+
                    Red Advantage
                    Red Select+ Top Up
                    Red Select+
                    Red More Data
                    Red Value+ 
                    Red Business
                    Red Business+
                    Red Professional
                    Red Professional+ 
                    Red Executive 
                    Red Executive+

         1.4 Be within your 24-month contract period (if you have passed your upgrade date, you will need to upgrade or migrate
                your  contract to one of the RED contracts listed above to qualify for the benefit). 

New contracts and upgrades will only reflect at the end of the month in which the contract or upgrade was processed.

         1.5 Vodacom employees on a qualifying RED contract will be eligible for a portion of the discount as outlined in the
                discounted fares section.

2 RED accounts that do NOT qualify:

                    Month-to-month contracts.

                    Accounts in arrears.


         3.1 This Discount is applicable only on the base airfare portion of the ticket and NOT the fuel surcharge or airport tax
                components of the total fare. 

         3.2 By taking up this offer you agree to all the terms and conditions.

         3.3 By registering a profile for yourself or your business users, you agree to receive communication from Vodacom
                regarding activation of and/or updates to your benefit. 

         3.4 Vodacom, Emirates Airlines or the Travel Agency reserves the right to amend the discounts, duration or cancel this
                benefit at any time.

         3.5 Vodacom, the booking agent and Emirates Airlines will not be liable for any losses or costs that may arise and – they
                will they not be responsible for any loss or damage. All customers participating in this offer will indemnify Vodacom
                and the Travel Agency as well as Emirates Airlines against harm, injury, death or loss. 

         3.6 Vodacom nor the booking agent or Emirates Airlines assumes any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or
               damage arising from a Customer’s participation in this Offer or howsoever arising (whether arising from negligence or
               otherwise). Whilst participating in this Offer, customers indemnify Vodacom, the booking agent and Emirates Airlines
               against for any loss, damage, harm or injury (whether arising from negligence or otherwise) which may be sustained
               as a result of any claim, costs, expense, loss or damages which may be made by any third party.

         3.7 This offer does NOT apply to tickets purchased via any online site other than through the dedicated Fly Red Call
                Centre. This offer does NOT apply to tickets purchased through any travel agent or Emirates ticket Sale Agents.
                Clients who wish to take up the offer can only make a booking by contacting the Fly Red Call Centre on 0872366591
                or Email info@flyred.co.za 

         3.8 This offer is subject to availability of seats, flights, and selected classes as secured by Vodacom with the Emirates
                Travel Agency. 

         3.9 A maximum of 2 trips per calendar year (January to December) per client is permissible. 

         3.10 The discount will only be valid on flights with a maximum of 4 sectors. The discount will not be valid on any
                 additional sectors in the same ticket. 

         3.11 The discount will not apply to any local travel add-ons in South Africa or Out. E.g. George – Cape Town or Port
                 Elizabeth – Johannesburg. 

         3.12 Flights that are booked with mixed classes, i.e. half economy and half business, half business and half first class will
                 receive the lowest class discount. 

         3.13 These discounts are valid on specific routes as well and one-way tickets out of South Africa. Refer to 3.19 for
                 Maximum bookings and 3.21 for excluded routes. 

         3.14 Quotations are valid for 24 business hours only, and any quotations received after will need to be repriced. 

         3.15 These discounts are:


                Discounts valid for Vodacom RED contract customer:

                    First Class:  25%

                    Business Class: 35%

                    Economy Class: 50%

                    Sale or Tactical fares: None

                    Discount is not valid on child/infant fares 

               Discount valid for Vodacom employees on a qualifying RED contract:

                    First Class  : 20%

                    Business Class: 20%

                    Economy Class 25%

                    Sale or Tactical fares: None

                    Discount is not valid on child/infant fares 

Discounts valid for friends or family members traveling with the main qualifying member (Maximum 8 additional Travelers): 

                    First Class: 20%

                    Business Class: 20%

                    Economy Class: 25%

                    Sale or Tactical fares: None

                    Discount is not valid on child/infant fares 

         3.16 Bookings are non-transferable. This means that once you have made a booking in one person’s name, you
                 cannot transfer it into another person’s name. 

         3.17 The discount savings apply to published available fares and do not include any previously discounted fares or 
                 other promotions or partnerships. There are restrictions on the number of tickets that may be booked per month as
                 secured between Vodacom and the partner. If the agreed number of allocated seats has been exceeded or the
                 booking agent cannot secure the required rate for an alternative travel date, the booking agent will offer the friends
                 and family members discount to the Vodacom RED customer. 

         3.18 The offer is available for a maximum of 2 bookings per Vodacom RED customer or Vodacom employees on a
                 qualifying RED contract.

         3.19 Tickets may be purchased for business or leisure purposes. 

         3.20 The discount savings excludes the following  Destinations/Routes only: 







                    Denpasar (Bali)



         3.21 Child (person between the ages of 24 months and 11 years and 11 months) and infant (0 to 23 months) and must be
                 booked in the same cabin and booking classes as the accompanying adults. Infants younger than two at the time of
                 departure, who occupy a seat, will pay the applicable child fare for the journey travelled. 

         3.22  The price of the fare payable, taking into consideration the relevant discount savings, is not guaranteed if the
                  booking is not completed. 

         3.23  Emirates, Vodacom and the Travel Agent shall not be held responsible for any loss claim or damage suffered
                  resulting from a change in the prices of fares. 

         3.24  Refunds may be requested, but any refund application will be subject to Emirates’ terms and conditions and will
                  incur cancellation penalties. Cancellations can be made by calling 0872366591 or sending an email to   


         4.1 The discount savings apply to the base fare prices of tickets for any of the qualifying classes mentioned in clause 1
                above only. Applicable taxes, fees and fuel surcharges are excluded. 

         4.2 You may be charged a fee should you require any changes to your Emirates flight ticket. This fee will be determined
                 by Emirates in their sole and absolute discretion at the time of the change.


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