Total-Sasko Campaign 

Terms & Conditions of the Promotion

1) Promotional Period and Participation

•    Promotional period: commences on 22 October 2018 and ends at 23:59 on 22 November 2018.

Promotion limited to Sasko Premium White or Brown Bread 700g. 

Vouchers expire 5 days after receiving the Wi-Code voucher 

Redemption is based on Sasko bread stock availability at the Total store.

Maximum 2 vouchers per customer per day.

Only open to active Vodacom customers 

2) How does it work?

Step 1: 

- Visit Total Service station

Step 2:

- Spend R29 or more on Vodacom Data or Airtime and provide cashier with your  Mobile number 

Step 3:   

- Complete payment transaction

Step 4: Receive Reward  

You will receive an SMS with the WiCode. Use this WiCode to claim your FREE loaf of Sasko bread.  

NB: Below is the official campaign SMS. No other communication will be accepted to receive the voucher. 

“Dear Vodacom customer, use wiCode xxx xxx xxx to redeem your FREE Sasko Premium white or brown bread at Total Stores. wiCode expires xx/xx/xxxx.T&Cs apply.”

Participating stores 


Service Station Name



Total Siyabuswa

Total Country Budget


Total Numbi Gate

Total Country Budget


Total Graskop Service Station

Total Country Standard


Total Hazyview Motors

Total Country Standard


Total Domza

Total On Route Budget


Petroport Malelane Alzu North

Total On Route Delux


Petroport Malelane Alzu South

Total On Route Delux


Total Petroport N4 Alzu

Total On Route Delux


Total Piet Retief

Total On Route Standard


Total Stadium

Total Urban Budget


Total Krugerpark

Total Urban Budget


Total T M Motors

Total Urban Budget


Total Ermelo Toyota

Total Urban Delux


Total River

Total Urban Delux


Total Steiltes

Total Urban Delux


Total Allegro Vulstasie

Total Urban Delux


Total Route N4

Total Urban Delux


Total Middelburg Mall

Total Urban Delux


Total Filcor Motors

Total Urban Standard


Total Klipfontein

Total Urban Standard


Total Plaza

Total Urban Standard


Total Jan Mari

Total Urban Standard


Total President

Total Urban Standard


Total Westvaal Secunda

Total Urban Standard


Total Super Motors

Total Urban Standard


Total Nelbury

Total Urban Standard


Total Benicon

Total Urban Standard


Total Welgekozen

Total Urban Standard

Vodacom reserves the right to change or extend the Promotional Period on reasonable prior notice.

By acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the customer hereby consents to Vodacom using his/her personal information in order to market its products to him/her once the promotion has ended subject to his/her right to opt out of such marketing messages and further subject to his/her right to restrict receipt of unwanted marketing material as contained in the Consumer Protection Act of 2008.

This Promotion is available only to active Vodacom customers.

All prepaid, contract, Top Up and uChoose Vodacom Consumer customers, including those who activate a new SIM card on or port in to the Vodacom network during the Promotional Period, will qualify to participate in the Promotion. 

Vodacom Corporate customers with Employee Liable accounts (employee pays for additional usage on the account) are also eligible to participate in the Promotion.

The following customers are excluded from participating in the Promotion

o All Vodacom Corporate customers with Corporate Liable accounts (company pays 100% of the account)

o All Machine to Machine customers

o Community services SIMs / phone numbers

Bulk SMS applications are not permitted to participate in the Promotion. Vodacom reserves the right to disconnect and suspend the service of non-customer SIMs and non-compliant devices as specified by the regulating body ICASA that are being used on the Vodacom network for the purposes of the Promotion. 

A non-customer SIM is an application that uses a SIM card to send SMSs in volumes not possible by a natural person.

Vodacom reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and will provide participating customers with reasonable notice of such change prior to implementing such changes where such change is required under the Consumer Protection Act.

General Terms and Conditions 

o All customers participating in this offer agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

o The decision of Vodacom in regard to all aspects of the promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

o Save in the event of Vodacom’s gross negligence, Vodacom, it’s directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage occurring as a result of participation in this game show or as a result of the use of any of the prizes, or from any amendments to these terms and conditions.

o Vodacom shall have no liability whatsoever for any breach of these terms and conditions due to any cause beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to: an act of God (including inter alia weather, flood and lightning), technical issues (including inter alia network/technical operation interruption, telecommunication interruption, breakdowns, power failures and other interruptions), fire, industrial action, act or omission of Government, or other competent authority, riot, war or act or omission of any third party for whom Vodacom is not responsible.

o If the promotion is held to be or becomes unlawful, Vodacom shall have the right to terminate this promotion immediately without prior notice. In such event the participants will waive all rights they may have had and acknowledge that they will have no right of recourse to Vodacom, its directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors.

o Vodacom may refuse to award any reward if any irregularities or fraudulent activities are suspected.

o Vodacom, its directors, affiliates members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors will not be liable for taxes or any other cost incurred by the customer receiving a reward.

o Vodacom shall be entitled, as far as is permissible in law, in their entire discretion, to reject any reward for any reason whatsoever and will not be obliged to correspond with any person about the promotion 

Privacy and Data Protection

Collecting your personal information

1. We can get your personal information when you use this Service. In the case of the use of the Service your personal information is collected for the purpose of being used and processed in:

• personalising the Service to your respective preferences;

• for the serving of appropriate, tailored advertising to you via the Service; 

• for the purpose of tracking the Service's performance; 

• troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement and/or to identify any technical issues that may occur from time to time; 

• for use in devising additional enhancements or improvements to the Service; and  

• Statistical tracking, redundancy and audit purposes.

2. The above data will not be shared with other users of the Service. However, Vodacom further may collect your information in terms of clause (h) and (i) below.

3. We may also collect information about you from other organisations, if this is appropriate. These include fraud-prevention agencies, business directories and credit reference agencies. We may also collect information about you from other companies, our business, or joint venture partners.

Understanding what you want

4. We might also use cookies (small text files stored in your browser) and other techniques such as web beacons (small, clear picture files used to follow your movements on our website). The information we collect that tells us how you use our websites, web-related products and services.

5. This, in turn, helps us make our website relevant to your interests and needs. We may use a persistent cookie (a cookie that stays linked to your browser) to record your details so we can recognise you if you visit our website again. See the next section for more details.

6. You can choose to refuse cookies, or set your browser to let you know each time a website tries to set a cookie. 

The personal information we collect

7. The information we collect about you depends on the Vodacom and Vodafone products and services you use and subscribe to. It includes (but is not limited to) the following:

a. your name, gender, date of birth, home language, address, and email address;

b. your preferences for particular products, services or lifestyle activities when you tell us what they are – or when we assume what they are, depending on how you use our products and services;

c. your contact with us – such as a note or recording of a call you make to one of our contact centres, an email or letter you send to us or other records of any contact you have with us;

d. your account information – such as phone number,  handset type, handset model,, whether you are a post or prepaid customer, dates of payment owed and received, TopUp information, the subscription services you use or any other information related to your account.

8. We will also get information on how you use our products and services, such as:

a. the phone numbers that you call or send messages to (or the phone numbers that you receive these calls and messages from);

b. the date, time and length of the calls and messages you send or receive through our network, and your approximate location at the time these communications take place;

c. the level of service you receive – for example, network faults and other network events which may affect our network services;

d. your website browsing information (which includes information about the websites you visit, and about how you use our website or other Vodafone Group websites on your mobile or a PC;

e. the date, time and length of your internet browsing, and your approximate location at the time of browsing;

f. your brand preference, preferred video categories, related preferences (e.g. team choice); and type of services you typically access.

Using your personal information

9. We may use and analyse your information to:

a. process the goods and services you have bought from us, and keep you updated with your order progress;

b. keep you informed generally about new products and services (unless you choose not to receive our marketing messages);

c. provide the relevant service or product to you. This includes other services not included in this terms and conditions, and services that use information about where you are when using your mobile equipment (location information) and to contact you with messages about changes to the service or product;

d. contact you with offers or promotions based on how you use our products and services. These include your calling and messaging activities, location information and browsing information (unless you choose not to receive these messages – see below on ‘How to opt-out’;

e. send you targeted and relevant messages, based on your behaviour, permission and preferences. From time to time, we will send you a range of different messages, from Vodacom as well as brands, to keep you informed or simply for you to tell us what you are into. These are not just offers and promotions but messages from your favourite brands including new products, discounts, limited offers, gifts and more. It works by using information about you to send you targeted messages relevant to you;

f. bill you for using our products or services, or to take the appropriate amount of credit from you;

g. respond to any questions or concerns you may have about using our network, products or services;

h. let you know about other companies' products and services we think may interest you (including offers and discounts we’ve specially negotiated for our customers); 

i. protect our network and manage the volume of calls, texts and other use of our network. For example, we identify peak periods of use so we can try and ensure the network can handle the volume at those times

j. understand how you use our network, products and services. That way, we can develop more interesting and relevant products and services, as well as personalising the products and services we offer you;

k. carry out research and statistical analysis including to monitor how customers use our network, products and services on an anonymous or personal basis;

l. prevent and detect fraud or other crimes, recover debts or trace those who owe us money;

m. provide aggregated reports to third parties (such reports do not contain any information which may identify you as an individual). 

10. The information we use will be your approximate location, based on the nearest mobile cell site. As a result, this will change as you move around with your mobile phone.

11. We will store your information for as long as we have to by law. If there is no legal requirement, we will only store it for as long as we need it. 

Sharing your personal information

12. We may share information about you with:

a. companies in the Vodacom and Vodafone Group (Vodafone Group Plc and any company or other organisation in which Vodacom owns more than 15% of the share capital);

b. partners or agents involved in delivering the Services;

c. companies who are engaged to perform Service for, on behalf of Vodacom (Pty) Ltd including Vodafone Limited, or the Vodafone Group;

d. where applicable, credit reference, fraud prevention or business scoring agencies, or other credit scoring agencies;

e. debt collection agencies or other debt recovery organisations;

f. law enforcement agencies, regulatory organisations, courts or other public authorities if we have to, or are authorised to by law;

g. emergency services (if you make an emergency call), including your approximate location.

13. We will release information if it’s reasonable for the purpose of protecting us against fraud, defending our rights or property, or to protect the interests of our customers.

14. If we are reorganised or sold to another organisation, we may transfer any personal information we hold about you to that organisation.

15. We may need to transfer your information to other group companies or service providers in countries outside South Africa. This may happen if our servers or suppliers and service providers are based outside South Africa, or if you use our services and products while visiting countries outside this area.

16. At your option, we may also share your information with partner organisations we’ve chosen carefully, so they can contact you about their products and services.

Keeping your personal information secure

17. We have specialised security teams who constantly review and improve our measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction.

18. If we have a contract with another organisation to provide us with services or a service on our behalf to process your personal information, we will make sure they have appropriate security measures and only process your information in the way we’ve authorised them to. These organisations will not be entitled to use your personal information for their own purposes. If necessary, our security teams will check them to make sure they meet the security requirements we have set.

19. Communications over the internet (such as emails) are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Your communications may go through a number of countries before being delivered – as this is the nature of the internet. We cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that’s beyond our control.

How to opt-out

20. You can choose to opt out of all marketing communications or to opt out of marketing in one of several ways (such as email, text, phone or post.

21. You can choose to opt out of all marketing communications or to opt out of marketing in one of several ways (such as email, text, phone or post).

22. You will still receive communication related to changes in the Service, your subscription and new content available even after opting out

23. You can choose to opt out of partner marketing communications by sending an SMS with STOP to 31118.

Amendments to this Terms and Conditions

24. Vodacom reserves the right to amend or modify this terms and conditions at any time and will post the amended or modified terms and conditions in its website. Where any material changes are made to these terms and conditions, Vodacom will provide you with reasonable written notice of such change(s).


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