International Roaming T&Cs

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Basic Roaming

1. Roaming is available to all Vodacom customers once activated.

2. The default roaming plan for all customers is Vodafone World. Click here for roaming rates

3. All calls are billed on a per minute basis using the 60:60 billing concept.

4. No set-up or monthly charges are applicable for roaming.

5. Roaming de-activation is not required when you return to South Africa; your local plan will automatically apply.

6. Premium rates will be charged for calls to satellites and special services. Receiving calls while on a satellite network will incur higher charges than the standard rates.

7. Bundled offerings such as minutes, SMS, data or promotional tariffs do not apply to any of the international roaming offerings.

8. For Vodacom contract customers, all charges accumulated while roaming will be debited from your Vodacom account. Please remember that it may take up to 3 months for Vodacom to receive details on your roaming usage.

9. Activation of International Roaming will take place within 24 hours of the request. 

10. We recommend that contract customers activate roaming at least 7 days before departure in the event that supporting documentation is required. Always confirm that your International Roaming activation documents have been received by the business.

11. For contract customer, business may require a deposit prior to activating the International Roaming service on your account, which will be credited to your account approximately 3 months after your return.

12. International Roaming is more expensive compared to your local Vodacom tariff plan. Please ensure that you select an appropriate Roaming option according to your needs. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the relevant charges before activating the service.

13. You will be charged for both incoming and outgoing calls while roaming.

14. You will never be charged for receiving an SMS while roaming. This includes all private messages, notifications and alerts from Vodacom.

15. While roaming, your mobile device may automatically select a different foreign network depending on the network coverage conditions and this could impact the rates you are charged. For lower rates always ensure that you are roaming on an appropriate Vodacom or Vodafone partner network.

16. If you have selected to divert your calls to another number while roaming, you will be charged for both for the incoming call to your number and the outgoing call (the divert) to the other number.

17. If you have selected to divert your calls to voicemail, you will be charged for both the incoming call to your mailbox and the outgoing call you will make to retrieve the voice message while roaming. If you do not retrieve the message while roaming, no roaming charges will be applied for this leg.

18. If you have the Twin Call service activated, please ensure that your second cellphone remains switched off for the roaming service to function correctly.

19. Calls that are normally free in South Africa, such as 1082, 132, are not free while roaming and are billed at the applicable roaming rate as calls made back to South Africa.

20. While roaming, calling Vodacom’s dedicated Customer Contact Centre (135/+2782135) will be free.

21. The use of short codes such as 135 and 132 will work subject to technical availability on networks. Please add +2782 to the short codes to complete your calls.

22. Networks have varying services available. There will be networks with no data services and there will be networks with varying data speeds. 

23. Not all services available to Vodacom Contract customer will be available to Top Up and Prepaid customers.

24. USSD usage is charged at 20c/20sec.

25. Vodacom will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies arising from information displayed on the website.

26. If you have barred incoming SMS on your phone, you will not receive the Vodacom notifications.

27. While Vodacom makes every effort to ensure that customers receive the SMS notifications, it cannot be held liable for SMS not received.

28. All rates are VAT inclusive.

Data Roaming Services

1. Data Roaming is available on selected networks worldwide for contract customers.

2. Prepaid and Top Up data services while roaming is available in selected countries, visit for an updated list of such countries and applicable rates.

3. Data usage is billed in increments of 10 KB.

4. Data usage is charged at the applicable default Vodafone World rates per country.

5. Data usage whilst roaming shall not deplete from local data bundles and free offerings

6. Vodafone live! access is not zero rated when roaming and is billed as normal data usage.

7. Blackberry usage will be billed as normal data usage when roaming, it will not form part for your BIS and BES services.

8. If you are connected to a website or application while roaming, you may incur data charges even if no content is purchased or downloaded. This is due to small amounts of data being transmitted every few seconds by the website or application (e.g. website refreshing, banner ads being pushed in the background, updates). Please ensure that you close all unused applications while roaming. Vodacom accepts no liability for any unintentional data downloads your device may make.

9. Vodacom Travel saver and Travel bundle are currently not available for Prepaid and Top Up customers.

10. We want you to stay in control of your data roaming spend when you’re abroad – so we offer an SMS alert system at every R2000 increment of data spent for contract customers and R200 for Prepaid and Top Up customer. You don’t have to do anything – we’ll text you for free.

11. While Vodacom makes every effort to ensure that customers receive the SMS notifications, it cannot be held liable for SMS not received.

12. Please Click here for data roaming tips.

SMS Roamer

1. SMS roamer is available to all Vodacom Contract, Top Up and Prepaid Customers.

2. Once the SMS Roamer service has been activated, all other services will be disabled, such as voice, MMS, access to the Internet and fax services. You will only be able to use SMS to communicate.

3. You will not be able to connect to *135# when SMS roamer is active.

4. All call forwarding services will be cancelled once SMS roamer has been activated.

5. All incoming calls will be diverted to your Voicemail service. It is your responsibility so ensure that your voicemail service is setup and active.

6. If you're using Vodacom's Twincall service, the secondary SIM will also automatically be activated/ deactivated with the SMS Roamer service.

7. All SMS sent will be charged at the applicable Vodafone World rate per country.

8. SMS Roamer is only available to Vodacom customers who have activated this service.

9. De-activating the service without basic roaming active will result you not being contactable and you will be unable to re-activate.

10. Receiving SMS is not charged.


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