Vodacom Red Roaming bundle 

Terms and Conditions

1. The Vodacom Red roaming service is currently only available to Vodacom Red Contract customers with roaming activated. 

2. Customers must opt-in for the service. It is only required once - there is no need to opt-in for each day abroad or each time customers travel abroad.

3. In order to qualify for the Red roaming, you must ensure that you are roaming in a qualifying country that is listed as a Red roaming country. Click here for list.

4. All networks in the qualifying countries will be included in the bundle allocation with the exclusion of Maritime services such as MALTA Maritime and OnAir Swiss Airline services and any other satellites such as planes, boats and remote areas. Standard roaming rates will apply.

5. Customers with the basic roaming service already activated can opt-in to the Red roaming offer via:

            o USSD *111*733(RED)#

6. Customers can opt-out Red roaming offer via:

            o USSD *111*733(RED)#

7. Upon activation of the service, the Red roaming service will remain the customers default roaming plan when they travel in the qualifying countries until it is de-activated. 

8. The Red Roaming bundle is eligible for use daily. It will expire after 7 days then a new bundle will be allocated if customers is roaming and in a qualifying country.

9. The Red Roaming bundle fee will be charged only when the customer is roaming in a qualifying country and making use of any roaming service. 

10. The Red Roaming bundle service is triggered and allocated when the customer uses data, voice or SMS. The bundle expires after 7 calendar days. It will then require a new roaming event to trigger the new bundle on the 8th day.

11. The data voice and SMS out of bundle rates apply when the bundle allocation is depleted but the bundle has not expired. A new bundle will be allocated the 8th day only when an event is triggered.

12. If a customer is on a session that continues over the expiry time, the next bundle will only allocate after he ends his session and triggers a new event. A bundle will not allocate during the session.  If he is in-bundle the session will deduct from his current session if he is out-of bundle, the out-of-bundle rates will apply until he ends the session.

13. If the customer has triggered an event and used a Red Roaming bundle but opts out of the service before expiry, the new offering that has been activated will apply only after bundle expiry.

14. If the customer has triggered an event in a Red bundle qualifying country and moves to another Red bundle qualifying country in the same day or within the 7 days, the same bundle will be used.

15. If the customer has triggered an event in a Red bundle qualifying country and moves to a non-Red bundle qualifying country, out of bundle rates will apply from the first usage. Usage will not deduct from the Red bundle. If customer returns to a bundle country within the 7 days, bundle usage will resume until expiry of the bundle.

16. When the customer de-activates the Red roaming Service, they will not qualify for the bundle rates even if they are roaming in a Red roaming country, Vodafone World Zone Rates will apply. 

17. When a subscriber has opted for the Red roaming and is roaming on an Africa Roaming network, the Red roaming service will apply.

18. While roaming on any participating Red roaming country, calling Vodacom’s dedicated Customer Contact Centre (+2782135) will be free.  It is not an event that will trigger the bundle.

19. Customers may not have SMS roamer or Vodacom Travel Saver active simultaneously with the Red Roaming bundle. They are allowed to move to SMS roamer or Vodacom Travel Saver when they opt out on the bundle service.

20. Customers may have Vodafone World (basic roaming activation service) and Red roaming active simultaneously however the Red roaming will apply when active.

21. The Red roaming fee will be billed on South African dates and times.

22. Red roaming deductions exclude home tariff bundled minutes, tariff promotions. Public holidays and off-peak rates do not apply.

23. The Red roaming service is only available for personal use, non-commercial purposes.

24. The unitization for the Red roaming offer will remain the same as the existing Vodafone World unitization (10kB increments for data).


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