Prepaid Once-Off Data Bundles

Terms And Conditions

1. 30 Day Once-Off data bundles will be available to Prepaid customers only.

2. Customers can purchase unlimited 30 Day Once-Off data bundles.

3. 30 Day Once-off data bundles will be available through the following self-service channels:

a)    MyPhone *135# / *135*1002#
b)    MyVodacom App
c)    Portal & App
d)    Customer care 082 135
e)    Vodacom Shops

4. All Mobile Internet Once-Off data bundle pricing includes VAT.

5. Customers will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time you  spend connected.

6. 30 Day Once-Off data bundles are valid up to 24:00 on the 30th day from and including the day of purchase.

7. No carry over rules apply to the Once-Off data bundles.

8. Depletion of Prepaid Once-Off data bundles: 30 Day Once-Off data bundles do not have an out-of-bundle rate. If the allocated bundle is depleted data usage will revert to other available data bundles and if there are none, data will be consumed at a per MB rate at the existing applicable Prepaid out of bundle rate.

9. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability.

10. Bundles and tariffs only apply to standard APNs.

11. 30 Day Once-Off data bundles do not apply to data roaming.

12. No pro-ration is applied, the full allocation is always received and the full charge is always applied.

13. Bundle balance enquiries will be available via:

a)    MyPhone *135#
b)    Portal & Mobi
c)    My Vodacom app
d)    Customer care 082 135


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