Pay Once Data bundles terms and conditions

1. The Pay Once Data bundle available in the following allocations:

Allocation per month

Total MB

Total Price

Total  allocation period



R 29

3 Months



R 119

6 months


1 500

R 219

6 Months


3 000

R 339

6 Months


12 288

R 899

12 Months


24 576

R 1399

12 Months


61 440

R 3 499

12 Months


122 880

R 5 999

12 Months

2. Customers need to have a valid Vodacom Prepaid SIM card to purchase a Pay Once data bundle.

3. Pay Once data bundles are not available to uChoose/TopUp and Contract customers.

4. A modem is not included.

5. The Pay Once data bundles exclude a SIM card or a data-capable device.

6. The Pay Once data bundles include equal allocations of data every 30 days at a once off price.

7. The out of bundle rate of the respective price plan will apply.

8. The first of the data bundle allocations will be loaded on the date of purchase of the bundle. Customers will receive an SMS confirming the allocation of the first of the data bundles.

9. The subsequent data bundle allocations will be applied every 30 days after the initial allocation.

10. Each data bundle allocation is valid up to 60 days from allocation.

11. The bundles are limited to one Pay Once data bundle per SIM card or MSISDN.

12. It is possible to purchase other additional once-off data bundles when a Pay Once data bundle is active.

13. It is possible to purchase a pay once bundle, and concurrently opt-in to a recurring data bundle

14. Normal roaming rates apply.

15. No refunds are allowed.

16. A customer migrating to uChoose/TopUp and Contract will forfeit the Pay Once data bundle.


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