Customer Subscriber Regulations


ICASA published EUSSR Regulations of which the purpose is to prescribe minimum standards for electronic communications services to end-users by licensees. Below is Vodacom’s consumer-friendly version of the Regulations as relate to an end-user. 

Provision of information

Vodacom is required to provide an end-user with contract terms and conditions, and the complaints handling procedure, at the point of sale.


Vodacom is required to provide an end-user with all the relevant information of the promotion, including:

  • Terms and conditions of the promotion including eligibility and fair usage policies.

  • Duration of the promotion.

  • Obligation of the end-user at the expiry of the promotion.

  • All applicable fees associated with the promotion.

International Roaming

Vodacom is required to send a message to an end-user when roaming internationally with the following information:

  • Service care contact details.

  • Voicemail retrieval number and applicable rates.

  • Charges applicable to incoming and outgoing voice, data and SMS services.

  • A summary of the terms and conditions for roaming [Note: Vodacom to send a link to the terms and conditions to an end-user]. 

Send upon activation to end-users: terms and conditions, including deposits, credit limits and tariffs in respect of international roaming. This information should also be easily accessible on the Vodacom website.


Vodacom is required to provide a detailed itemised bill to post-paid end-users upon request, which should include the following;

  • Bundled calls specifying for each call the date, time duration and recipient number.

  • Calls incurring a charge specifying for each call the charge, date, time duration and recipient number.

  • Bundled SMSs specifying for each SMS the date, time duration and recipient number.

  • SMSs incurring charges specifying for each the charge, date, time duration and recipient number.

  • In-bundle data specifying for each data session the date, time and total data used.

  • Out-of-bundle data specifying for each data session the charge, date, time and total data used.

  • Any additional charges.

  • The applicable billing period. 

Vodacom is also required to provide a usage report to a prepaid end-user within 14 days of request, via e-mail or post, in accordance with the end-user’s request. Vodacom is required to keep billing records for a minimum of three months, and to get confirmation from an end-user before billing them for third-party services.

Service upgrades

Vodacom is required to notify an end-user via SMS and the website seven days prior, and a day before planned interruptions that may result due to service or system upgrades.


Vodacom is required to designate and publicise a point of entry for complaints to be lodged by end-users. The complaints handling procedure is to be made available on:

  • The Vodacom website

  • Display boards at the licensee and agents’ service outlets

  • On the invoices for postpaid end-users

  • Alternative platforms available to prepaid end-users.

Vodacom is required to acknowledge a complaint from an end-user within forty eight (48) hours. 

[Note: A matter will be registered as a complaint (assign and communicate a reference number to the end-customer) if unable to resolve it at the first layer of customer support and it’s referred to second layer customer support for resolution.]


An end-user is entitled to a rebate if he/she has not received services in terms of a contract entered into with Vodacom to which payment has already been effected for the services. The Rebate is limited to the days of service lost pro-rated against the end-user’s subscription, and only payable if applicable terms and conditions are met. 

Vodacom is required to provide a reconnect service to an end-user for dropped calls, at no additional cost.  

Service care line centre

Vodacom is required to provide an end-user care service. Calls to the service line centre must be at no cost to an end-user, provided for in as many languages as practical, and answered within three minutes on average. 

Vodacom is required to provide accessibility to these services by persons with disabilities.

Impossibility of performance

In an event where Vodacom is unable to provide an end-user with services due to circumstances beyond its control for a period of more than two hours, it must, as soon it becomes aware of the outage, issue a public notice to affected end-users. The notice should indicate the expected timeframes within which an end-user should expect the service to be restored.  


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