100 Gig Hook-Up Promotion Terms and Conditions

The Vodacom 100 GB Hook-up promotion is valid from the 2nd of February 2018 until the 30th of April 2018. Vodacom reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time and will provide reasonable notice of such termination as the circumstances require. The promotion is open to new and existing customers on Prepaid, Contract and Hybrid tariff plans. These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and any such amendment will be posted on Vodacom’s website within a reasonable period of such amendment taking effect.

1. The promotion is available to new and existing Prepaid, Hybrid and Postpaid Vodacom customers.

2. The following customers will not be eligible for this promotion: EBU corporate liable customers, machine-to-machine customers and community service customers  

3. Customers need to return to the My Vodacom App daily in order to enter the draw of the day. 

4. There are two ways the enter the 100 GB Hook-up on the My Vodacom App:

a. Customers will be able to claim one free entry per day via the competition page on the My Vodacom App 

b. Customers will receive 20 entries for every bundle that they purchase via the My Vodacom App (free bundles are not included) – will be able to do so an unlimited number of times per day. 

5. When a customer purchases a bundle for another customer, the customer who paid for the bundle will receive the 20 entries.

6. Entries received on a day will only be valid for the draw of the day only and will expire at 23:59 on the day of allocation. 

7. Customers cannot enter on behalf of linked numbers. 

8. Ten (10) winners will be selected every day from the entries received until 23:59 on the previous day. The winners’ 100 GB data bundles will be allocated on the same day.

9. Vodacom shall request the winner’s consent to their image and/or likeness being used and published by Vodacom in connection with the promotion. The winner may decline the use of his/her image and/or likeness by Vodacom.

10. The winners’ names and location may be displayed on Vodacom social media assets as well as on screens/in store TVs within Vodacom Approved sales channels.

11. Customers can only win once during the promotional period.

12. The 100 GB data bundle prize is valid for 30 days and will expire at 23:59 30 days from and including date of allocation. 

13. The 100 GB data bundle does not have an associated out-of-bundle rate. Should the customer deplete their free 100 GB data bundle prize before it expires, further data usage will be charged in accordance to the subscriber’s tariff plan/ depleted from any other available data.

14. The 100 GB data bundle will follow order-of-consumption rules for free data bundles. The bundle will be depleted before paid-for data bundles and after other free data bundles that are URL-specific/ expire before the 100 GB data bundle.

15. The 100 GB bundle cannot be used for international roaming. 

16. The 100 GB bundle cannot be transferred.

17. There will be no carry-over of unused data on the 100 GB data bundle prize after expiry.

18. Customers will be able to view their data balances on the My Vodacom App.

19. Customers can enjoy any other Vodacom offering in parallel (unless specifically excluded).

20. When migrating to another tariff plan/ payment type, customers will lose their 100 GB data bundle prize.


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