Airtime Transfer


1. Customers will not be allowed to transfer cents.

2. The minimum transfer value is R2 and the maximum R2000.

3. Customer will be able to transfer airtime via *135# My Phone Menu Vodacom Portal, Vodacom Mobisite or 08212000 IVR.

4. Confirmation of a successful transaction will be heard at the end of the IVR call.

5. The receiving customer and the donor will each receive an SMS stating the amount of airtime that has been transferred, the donor’s (recipient’s) cellphone number and their new account balances.

6. Customers may confirm their transfer balance by dialling *135#.

7. Customers will not be able to check their transfer balance via the 0821200 IVR.

8. Airtime Transfer can only be done by Contract Customers who are registered for the service by their service provider (SP) and can transfer Airtime to Top Up and Prepaid Customers. Contract customers will not be able to receive transferred airtime.

9. Airtime Transfer service can only be activated once in a calendar month

10. Airtime Transfer transactions will not be reversed once completed successfully.


1. A contract customer must obtain consent from their Service Provider (SP) to be provisioned for the Airtime Transfer service, which consent may be withheld.

2. The monthly Airtime Transfer limit will be determined by the SP on a per contract basis and per customer profile. This limit can be between R2 and R2000 and will be based on a calendar month.

3. If a contract customer requests a transfer limit of R400 during the month, his allowance for the month will not be based on pro-rata but he will be allowed to transfer the full R400 on the first day of the month

4. If the contract subscriber’s phone is locked he will not be able to transfer airtime.


1. All active Vodacom Prepaid customers will be able to receive airtime from another valid Vodacom customer.

2. Prepaid customers are automatically provisioned to make use of the service

3. Airtime transferred to a Prepaid customer will credit the receiving customer’s airtime account

4. Prepaid customers are only allowed to transfer 80% of the value of their accumulated recharges in their account.

5. If the transferring Prepaid customer is locked for any reason, transfer will not be possible.

Top Up Customers

1. Top Up customers must be provisioned for this service by their SP, which provisioning may be denied.

2. All active Vodacom Top Up customers will be able to receive airtime from other valid Vodacom customer.

3. Top Up customers may not transfer any of the credit they receive on the 1st of every month.

4. Top Up customers are able to transfer 80% of all recharges made above the airtime credit received on the 1st of every month. The minimum amount allowed that may be transferred at one time still is R2 and the maximum R2000 per month.

5. If the transferring Top Up customer is locked for any reason, transfer will not be possible.


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