How do I Buy Airtime? Buy it Online and Get 5% Free

How do you buy airtime? Simple, follow the below steps to buy it online via the Vodacom website. Why buy it online? It is more convenient to buy airtime online and if you buy it with your credit or cheque card you will get 5% extra airtime free each time. In addition to the above great reasons, buying it online is safe and quick to do.

Please follow the below steps to buy airtime via the Vodacom website

Log into My Vodacom. 

Buy your airtime.

Make sure you use a credit or cheque card with a CVV number on the back of the card to qualify.

You can check your balance after you've bought the airtime to confirm your 5% extra.

Now feel free to enjoy making your calls on South Africa’s best 4G network.

Terms and conditions apply


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