YouTube Smart Offline 

If you use your available Night Owl data or purchase a Night Owl bundle, you can get faster data speeds at more affordable rates.

Before scheduling videos make sure you have enough data and you not are connected to Wi-Fi.

YouTube Smart Offline is currently only available for Android devices. Terms and conditions apply

Here’s how it works

Step One

Find a YouTube video you’d like to watch.

Tap the ‘Offline’ icon to schedule it to be saved overnight.


Step Two

Choose the video resolution then select ‘Save overnight’ to use your Night Owl Data between midnight and 5am.


Step Three

Keep your cellphone data on at night and your videos will download automatically while you snooze.


Step Four

To access videos or playlists that have been added to Offline, tap on ‘Saved Videos’ in the account tab of the YouTube mobile app.

Sit back and enjoy!

Need help? Read our FAQs for all the answers 


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