For those who see family as a travel squad

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Registering a profile

Create your profile using this link
You will need to provide the following personal information:

• Full names (as per ID/Passport)
• SA ID number
• Vodacom cellphone number
• email address (to be used for all communication from Emirates and/or its authorised agent for this benefit)

Please note:

• Profiles are not transferable
• A Vodacom RED customer may only register one personal profile for this benefit, even if they have more than one Vodacom RED contract line on their account

Permission to use the profile information

By registering your profile for this benefit, you permit Vodacom to share your registered profile details with the FlyRed travel hub for validation purposes

Please note:

• the FlyRED Travel Hub will only be able to view your profile details once you provide them with your Vodacom cell number

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