Access the Internet and make voice calls on our super-fast mobile data network.

Connect to the Internet using LTE

Enjoy reliable and uninterrupted Internet connectivity on your tablet or smartphone at no additional charge!

It’s faster than 3G with download speeds up to 60Mbps in ideal conditions and 15Mbps on average. This means that you can download and upload pictures, stream videos, check email and so much more – super-fast!

You must have a 64k or 128k SIM card inside your LTE-capable smart device which will then automatically connect to our LTE network when you’re within an LTE coverage area.

Make a voice call using VoLTE

With Voice over LTE (VoLTE), you can enjoy high-quality voice calls which will happen automatically when you’re connected to our LTE network.

Calls are charged at your normal voice call rate*. You can also make calls and download from the Internet at the same time!

VoLTE is dependent on phone and software compatibility, and you will need a 64k or 128k SIM card inside your VoLTE-capable smartphone.

The following VoLTE devices are capable:

  •  Samsung Galaxy S6
  •  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  •  Samsung Galaxy S7
  •  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  •  Samsung Galaxy A3
  •  Samsung Galaxy A5
  •  Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  •  iPhone SE
  •  iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
  •  iPhone 6s & 6s Plus 
  •  iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
  •  LG G5                                      
  •  LG G6                             
  •  LG Stylus 3

More devices will follow soon.

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