A claim cannot start to be entertained until all the details are completed.
All lost/stolen portable devices must be blacklisted before your claim can be attended to.
Theft from a vehicle claim: Please complete fully
Please note: A copy of the invoice for repairs to your vehicle must accompany this claim form.
Theft claim: The following details must be supplied for all claims involving theft or loss of any kind NO DETAILS NO CLAIM


The damaged Laptop / portable device must be returned to us.

Should the lost / stolen laptop / portable device be recovered it becomes the property of the insurer.

This form must be submitted to Cellsure (PTY) Ltd within 30 days from date of loss.

Should the replacement Laptop / portable device not be collected within 60 days from date of loss all benefits in terms of this claim will be forfeited.

I understand that I am fully bound by my conscience in making this statement and that any misrepresentation of the facts constitutes fraud. I have no other insurance on the property claimed for above. I hereby agree that the insurers may take over and conduct the prosecution for their own benefit of any claim for indemnity or otherwise and shall have full discretion in the conduct thereof.


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