Worried about data usage? Smart devices need data

Why Smartphones Need More Data

Smartphones are amazing and you can do anything on them from banking, to video calling, even checking out the weather. The problem is that all these wonderful apps use data. That’s why it’s important to have the right data bundle.

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Why smart devices need data

Ok, so now you own a top-notch phone and tablet but what’s the point of having smart devices if you can’t use them to their full potential? To really make the most of your device’s apps, browser and email on-the-go, you need data. Data is like fuel for the Internet. We use data when we send or receive information like when you open a web page, send a WhatsApp message, or upload a photo to Facebook. Our smartphones and other electronic devices are almost permanently connected to the Internet and this is why we need data to fuel them. 

Here’s how your device uses data:

1. App downloads and updates

Your device comes with pre-installed apps but downloading more cool apps from your app store or even updating your existing apps will use up data. Apps also constantly use data to connect to servers in the background to keep their content updated.

2. Email and attachments

What would we do without the convenience of email communication? We can’t begin to imagine, and luckily we don’t have to because sending and receiving emails on-the-go is possible with mobile data. Large attachments like those funny weekend pics, or that super-important PowerPoint presentation will use up more data.

Tip: You can change settings to only download emails when you request it manually, instead of push-mail. You can also limit the size of attachments downloaded or set to only download emails when connected to a WiFi network.

3. Internet browsing

The World Wide Web is a wonderful place! Google knows everything and you can shop, book holidays and bank online; anytime and anywhere! But to do all this and much much more while surfing the net, your device will need data. Websites need data to load their content and these websites are growing in size as they become more feature-rich and graphical.

4. Social media and chat

Whether you’re posting selfies on Instagram or tweeting on Twitter, your device will need data to keep your popularity up on social media. Uploading pics and videos on Facebook and even sending messages and media via chat services like WhatsApp will use data. 

5. Information back-up services

There’s nothing more heart-breaking than losing precious files which went missing along with your stolen phone or wrecked computer. Gone are the frustrations that come with tech mishaps thanks to awesome Cloud back-up services which use up data every time you save and access your stuff in the Cloud. 

Tip: Make sure you specify which files you want to back up otherwise everything may be uploaded automatically.

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