Vodafone Start

Get set up and personalised with Vodafone Start

  • Every service FREE to Vodacom Customers  
  • Optimise your smartphone for best performance
  • All Vodafone & Vodacom apps in one place

What is Vodafone Start?

Vodafone Start allows all customers with smartphones to easily setup and register for services like Cloud, Contacts, My Vodacom and Vouchercloud, in one place. We can’t wait for you to try it…

How do I access and setup Vodafone Start?

  • Simply go to start.vodafone.com 
  • Register for FREE
  • Choose what products you want to setup
  • Vodafone Start will automatically download if the App is not installed on your device
  • You can go back to the Start icon or widget to get a view of all your products

How much does Vodafone Start cost?

  • Vodafone Start is FREE to use
  • Standard data charges apply when downloading the applications


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