Look 4 Me

Know the location of your loved ones at any time.

  • Use your phone to locate other consenting Vodacom customers
  • Know their location at any time of the day or night
  • No need to get any additional software

To activate Look 4 Me

  Visit Look4me website


Contract customers

SMS ‘Register’ to 31888

Prepaid customers

Visit a Vodacom Shop

  • Overview
  • Costs

What is Look 4 Me?

  • Look 4 Me is a phone and location-based service that lets you find other Contract and Prepaid customers
  • All you need is explicit consent from the person you want to locate
  • You can receive the location via SMS, a map or by logging in to look4me.co.za

Who can get Look 4 Me?

  • Vodacom Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers can get Look 4 Me
  • They can locate other consenting Vodacom Contract and Prepaid customers

Why should I get Look 4 Me?

Reach out to your friends and family

By always knowing where your friends and family are, you can stick around in case they need help.

Get the information you need around the clock

The location information is made available to you at any time of the day or night.

No additional equipment or software needed

All you need to use Look 4 Me is your phone and consent from the person you would like to locate.


Costs for dialing *120*888#

Content type Content cost
Add a new locatee 20c per unit of 20 seconds
Find mobile users - via SMS R1.84 + bearer
Find mobile users - via MMS R2.89 + bearer

Costs for SMSs to 31888

Keyword Content costs
Bearer Charge 50c per SMS
Consent 50c
Register 50c
Find 082XXXXXXX R1.84 + bearer
Map 082XXXXXXX R2.89 + bearer
Cancel 082XXXXXXX 50c
Cancel all 082XXXXXXX 50c
PIN request 50c
Unsubscribe 50c

On our website

Content type Content costs
Add a new locatee FREE
Find mobile user R1.08
Remove locatee FREE
Receive alert via SMS R1.64
Receive alert via email R1.09
Remove mobile user FREE

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