Platinum membership status

Your Vodacom Onyx membership has been converted to a Vodacom Platinum membership in accordance with the qualification criteria for each programme.  As a Platinum member you also have access to great benefits and superior service, including 

Annual Upgrade

Annual upgrade for a free device of your choice, from the range available for your price plan

Loan device for 30 days

A courtesy phone, of the same make & model as yours, delivered to you, on loan for 30 days, if yours is defective, stolen or lost

24 hour Premium Service Desk

24/7 access to our Premium Service Desk agents to handle all your service requests 

For more details on the Platinum programme benefits, click here.

Click here for T&Cs applicable to Platinum programme benefits. 

Please note the following important information:

The following programme membership qualification criteria will apply at your expiry date:

  • If you meet the average spend requirement  of R2400 or more per month*, your Platinum programme membership will be renewed for another 12 months

  • If you do not meet the average spend criteria of R2400 or more per month*, your Platinum programme membership will lapse

    If your Platinum membership has lapsed, you may re-qualify for the programme by increasing your monthly spend to the required level of R2400 or more per month*

  • Membership of our Onyx programme will now be confirmed by a personal invitation to a limited number of customers

*based on local bill charges (i.e. charges or fees accumulated in South Africa) on a single contract line only;   calculated over a rolling 6-month period, exclusive of handset or device financing fee, roaming and insurance

Contact Us     
You will be routed directly to a Premium Service Desk agent when you call us on 082 1903 or email us at

If you do not receive the superior service you are entitled to, we would appreciate your feedback via email to

Click here for further information on the Platinum programme rules, which have been revised with effect from 1 June 2016.

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