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I was once told I’m too young,
that I needed to wait for the right time
that the youth of today want everything now
and that’s not how the world works
I was told we are the lost generation,
the misfits, the born-frees,
and life revolves around Man Crush Mondays,
Women Crush Wednesday and popping bottles,
And I’m happy to admit, they’re right
Why should I wait when young people are changing the world everyday?
Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, damn, who know’s what’s next?
Why wait when young people are making fees fall,
when we live in the times of smartphones, drones and chat bots?
Nah fam, the only person that should wait is you.
Wait and see how I’ll use technology to change the world
Wait and see how I take my talents to the NXT LVL,
And even if I don’t make the Forbes 30 under 30 list
I’ll still continue doing my thing
Because this is my time,
This is our time
And we’re all about living the NXT LVL life.
Vodacom NXT LVL the best value for under 25's.


tail [Converted]