Vodacom Detailed Data Usage Terms and Conditions

Vodacom aims to ensure transparency and accountability to its customers where data is concerned, with that goal in mind Vodacom is introducing Detailed Data Usage.

What Detailed data usage?

It is a service that provides a historical view of where data was used. This service will allow the customer to view their daily, weekly and monthly data usage for a period of up to 6 months. 

Why should a customer use the service?

• To keep track of personal or business data at any time

• To learn more about data and to manage data costs 

How the detailed data usage service works:

1. The service is zero rated for all Vodacom customers, which means using this service will not consume a customer’s data.

2. The data usage shows the top 10 URL’s where data was used.

3. This service is available to Legacy, C3D Prepaid, Top-Up and uChoose subscribers.

4. Any phone that has internet capability will be able to access the detailed data usage service.

5. Vodacom and all its associated companies are committed to respecting the privacy of a customer’s personal data. Due to privacy reasons, the Master Account Holder is not allowed to view anyone else’s usage without being given authorisation. 

6. Pre-paid customers that have been allocated a churned number are excluded from the option of requesting the 6 month view to ensure that the data usage displayed is not for the previous user.

7. Customers can view their data usage through the following self-service channels:

• My Vodacom App 

• My Vodacom portal 

• Dialling Customer Care on 082135 

8. The detailed usage shown to you may be delayed by up to 24 hours

9.    Vodacom reserves the right to amend or add to these Terms and conditions, and where such change is material, we will provide you with reasonable prior written notice of any such change before it taking effect.


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